Voting App - Feedback please :)

Ok, here is my voting app, pretty much complete:

The code can be found here:

I’d like feedback about any of the following, so please pick anyone of these you’re comfortable digging in to:

  • Overall user experience
  • Code quality (I’m especially interested in the extent to which the files are appropriately organised into modules and best practices for using inline EJS in my views templates)
  • Design (I lean pretty heavily on default Materialize for this project…first time using it, lemme know what you think)
  • Do you like the passwordless authentication? Do you trust this as a user, or would you rather Twitter/FB/Google/Vanilla Password auth?
  • Bugs :slight_smile:

Hey, like the design! Can’t login though (Unauthorized).

Hmmm…it’s working ok for me.

Did you wait until you saw the ‘Email sent’ message before trying to do something else?

No, I get the message when I click LOGIN / REGISTER button. I am directed to: and get unauthorized.

Oh, I know what it is - you need to put your email in the greyed out bit that says Email on that page.

That could be clearer - I’ll fix that.

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Oh wow, did not see that, my bad!

Nope - all me…it should be a required field!

It is now. Just pushed an update. Sorry if that logs you out…

I was just gonna say, that I was suddenly logged out… BTW really nice way of authentification.

Seems the app is broken. Can not cast votes or create new polls. Says “Internal Server Error”

Thanks, I’m aware of the problem, but no time to fix at the moment :slight_smile: