VS code not working the same as other places

I moved the code from my Codepen project over to VS Code so I could have the local files and work on them from there. However, strange things occur. As of now I have two strange issues:

First is on the second page I’m using within the website, the div margin top to push the div away from the header works in CP, but not in VS. I tried to change how its utilized and the whole function of the margin is useless in VS, but the exact same code in CP is instantly responsive. NOTE: other CSS changes work fine, just margin top right now is strange.
Here’s the link in CP, mind you that the EXACT same code is copied to VS where it’s no longer functional: https://codepen.io/ZTD/pen/zYxYvPE?editors=0100
This portion even has very little code as I have just started on it.

second is also a bit strange, as i have external links that pull images etc. and that’s all dandy, butttt my font doesnt carry over either. Again, in CP everything works great. Copy paste into VS, and suddenly that’s 86’d.

Anyone know why switching editors get’s all funky? How do I fix it?

Thx :slight_smile:

For reference on the VS side, and the display of the div. I even used the same font links and CSS styles between pages to keep things easy to work on and correlate. Blue text should also be in Papyrus.