VSC auto import extension is not working

VSC auto import extension is not working.How can I fix this ?

  1. You have provided no details of how it isn’t working.
  2. You haven’t told us which extension is the problem. ( I see a few auto-import extensions.)
  3. Those extensions have repos where you can probably find a better solution.
  4. I’ve always found auto importers to be clunky so I’ve avoided them.

They are never bulletproof but I have used that extension (have it installed) and it seems to work fairly well. Sometimes with packages/lib code, you have to import one thing manually first and then it can find the rest just fine.

Is that menu in the image from using Ctrl + Space or what?

for extension I use tab

Try putting the cursor after the component name and then press Ctrl + Space you should get a menu where you can select the correct import.