Vuetify transparent App Bar not working

Here is my code and a screen shot…

How come I’ve already set the app bar to be transparent, it still isnt???

.v-main is a class, apply it as such to the component.

restarted my machine and compiled the code again now it is transparent… =.=

For some reason, I totally ignored you were using Vuetify. I just looked at the CSS in default.vue.

Are you using Vue 2 with Vuetify 2, or Vue 3 with the alpha version of Vuetify 3? Because I would imagine that Vuetify 3 might still have some bugs.

Thanks for the reply. Now it is working just fine.
To answer your question, I was using Vuetify 2.something.

I restarted my PC and npm run dev again, then it worked. LOL

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