Wasn't too bad - technical documentation page

So I’ve finally finished my technical documentation page. Actually I’ve probably gone off and just turned in into something more akin to blog as I really didn’t want to fill it with placeholder text and (worryingly) I don’t think I know enough about anything to start writing up documentation for 5 sections worth of text. Maybe I’m just tired and can’t think of anything.


*This didn’t feel too difficult to build. Took me around 4 hours to get it a position which I thought looked ok.
*I’m not sure if I created the side bar in the correct manner. It doesn’t feel like it. I do feel like I botched it into place.
*I’ve added a bunch of pictures from a recent trip to pad the page out so the internal links actually show some movement.
*I’ve only added one media query to swap the page layout around for mobile. I did add another below it for even smaller devices but I ended up just duplicating a lot of my settings. I still haven’t got the hang of designing pages for mobile.
*I used grid for the overall layout and flexbox inside to part my pictures. The layout comes from a tutorial I watched a few days ago where I was trying to figure out how to use flexbox. I thought it would look good here.
*I’ve limited the height of my pictures too 400px I like the effect
*The page performance isn’t great but that’s probably because I haven’t dedicated any time to optimising / compressing these images
*I did sneak the ‘code’ boxes in there as I guess ‘code’ doesn’t really relate to my page type

Yes they are all my images and all my text. I would have carried on to explain the end of my journey but I’d be repeating a lot of things and I’m tired…

Thank you all for your feedback up until this point. Still enjoying things, if a little lost still.

by the way what I mean by this:

*I’m not sure if I created the side bar in the correct manner. It doesn’t feel like it. I do feel like I botched it into place.

I created my layout with grid with a 300px column on the left and auto on the right.
Then I created all the links in the left column and set their padding / margins (i forget) to 300px to they would fill the column and stack vertically.

I was wondering if this is a total wrong way of approaching this. I don’t even know how the idea came to me. It seems to work but felt ‘dodgy’

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Certainly, your page was not too bad. However, I expected to see its own technical documentation as such. The text resembles more a blog. Do not worry about perfecting a responsive page for mobile, bootstrap can do that work for you.