Way of learning

i make this post as a student

i think if we want learn something. we need to do from the bigger picture, and break it down to smaller piece.
i think it’s similiar concept to learn coding

but the topic i learn just now, i’m already in Javascript. FreeCodeCamp make me learn javascript from little piece and then combine it all to make bigger piece…
i don’t have a bigger picture when i’m do the code step by step, i just know what this code until it’s all ready

my suggestion is in my opinion we need to start from the big problem then break it to small piece. i don’t know if it’s possible in the website, but i think it’s more helpful for learning
example : we want to cook egg fried rice, first we need to fried the rice, how to do it?ofc we need the rice. okay how to make the rice?, we need leftover rice, okay how to do it? then the fried egg, how to do it? we need the egg first, then add spice etc.

but in this pattern in javascript learning
we want to cook egg fried rice, okay first we need the egg. fried the egg. okay the egg is done. now we need the rice, pick leftover rice, then fried it

i don’t know you guys understand me or not because my english not too fluent… but i hope so

if you have feedback on how to improve the curriculum, please provide it. The feedback you have provided is not actionable. I have no idea how to start from bigger picture if you have no idea what a variable even is…

hi there,

I think I understand your point as I often struggle with this too on the curriculum.
For eg., I started to look at the JS beta course for the “learn introductory javascript by building a pyramid generator” and my first few impressions were:
1- what is a pyramid generator (I figured it out on step 27 when they said to change the variable character to be a # but this was due to my previous experience with coding and I think someone new to it would not know where this was leading)
2- why am I learning about for loops? As a has-been software dev, I know what for loops are but a newbie wouldn’t know and wouldn’t know why they needed this information (to make a piece of logic repeat).

So yeah, I do get your point I think. One personal tip I can give you that may help you specifically is to click on the last couple of steps in the project just to see what the end result looks like (can’t guarantee that it will help though, but may be useful sometimes)

The only other actionable feedback to give fCC maybe is to try stating a problem before showing its solution. That is, before explaining a for loop for eg, maybe show why we are limited without it (can only print out the hashes in a manual way )

shoutout to @QuincyLarson who may have heard this before


Thanks for this specific feedback. It sounds like we should demonstrate what a pyramid generator is on step #1 so learners don’t have to wonder what one is. :slight_smile:

Could you create a GitHub issue for this? We can implement this :slight_smile:

And yes, to respond to @youthomas29’s feedback, we’re working to add more open-ended practice projects that are less step-by-step to the JavaScript curriculum. We’re rolling out some of these later this month.


Thank you Quincy. I’ve created the issue as suggested JS Beta: Pyramid Project should explain (or demo) what a pyramid generator is in the first step · Issue #54801 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub