Weather API, probably something obvious

Hey all,
Been fiddling with the weather app for a bit and just can’t get the API call to work.
Advice appreciated,

Look in your web browser’s console. (On chrome this is the developer console found under the options section, or by pressing f12). You’ll notice a message about a orgin-acess-control header. Unfortunately codepen does not include one of these, so your API calls are being rejected by the API. The most common workaround here is to simply forward it through a proxy. Add “” to the front of your API call url and this should fix the issue.

This is a known issue, and in the beta version of FCC this challenge has been made OPTIONS near the end of the course.

For the CORS issue with the API, you can use this instead:

You also have some variable scope issues. You declared lat and long outside the geolocation callback, where position is.

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Thanks, works like a charm. Some day I will achieve basic JavaScript competence.

Hey, its a simple mistake. I know I made it several times during the algorithm scripting challenges. Just keep scripting, and you’ll get better.