Weather API project - feedback request please

Hello campers,

I just completed the Weather API project and hope you all will be kind enough to give some feedback. This is the Codepen link:

Any opinions, suggestions, complaints, insults, etc., are welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, it looks really good! It is one of the better weather app designs that I have seen. I can’t see which location it retrieved, though.


Thank you for taking a look and for the feedback, BenGitter!

Do you mean that your city name is not displayed just above the date & time? If and when you have a chance, and if your are so inclined, would you mind checking out the page again to see if your location is displayed now: . I made an adjustment to the geolocation code to display the region and country when accessing outside the US. If it still doesn’t work I’ll have to use something else for geolocation.

Thank you, again! Much appreciated.

It does display the country, but not a region or city.

Thank you for letting me know. Will have to replace the geolocation.

Looks great! I love the additional feature of showing weather for upcoming week underneath. Very clever! Again for me though, only shows country “i.e. United Kingdom” for me rather than specific region/town. Well done!

Thank you, vassblanc!

Thank you for letting me know your location doesn’t display either. I’ll have to fix that.