Weather app Heat Index

Weather app Heat Index
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I need help to display heat index in my weather app but How can I do it?
Is there an API for it too or some formula is needed?

Project -

live detailled app-


Hey man, nice project. Sorry I can’t really answer your question but I was working on the local weather app as well and was getting close to finishing it so tried to go back to the project briefing page to find out that it seems like FreeCodeCamp has updated. I can no longer find the project information page in the curriculum. Can you?

Man your app looks great with the animated background. Great work!

here’s my weather app if you’d like to check it out:


Hi,the weather project is on
Wow you have sunset and sunrise detail also on your project.I was wondering how you added sunrise and sunset time?


Oh I got it using following code:
var temp = 85;
var hum = 10;
var HI = -42.379 + 2.04901523temp + 10.14333127hum - .22475541temphum - .00683783temptemp - .05481717humhum + .00122874temptemphum + .00085282temphumhum - .00000199temptemphumhum;

Thanks to this guy @sisball8 . I got it from Heat Index Function for Java Script


I’m not sure if you’re using the same API as I am or if you already found the answer in my code but basically it comes as a UNIX timestamp from data.sys.sunrise (or ‘sunset’) that you need to multiply by 1000 to change into ms. Then you create a new date variable: var d = new Date(data.sys.sunrise*1000).
From there you can use the getHours() and getMinutes() functions of the date object to format the sunrise/sunset time.


Interesting equation for Heat Index. Looks similar to a quadratic.