Weather app issues...and console confusion
I have changed the way I have been doing this about five times so please ignore the HTML but my console through codepen is laggy I feel it sometimes doesn’t bring up my calls for a long time (am i the only one with this issue and am i doing something wrong?), also when it did come up the location was accurate but the temperature was a lot higher than it actually is(any advice on a way to work around that?

thank you for any and all help i appreciate any of you taking the time out to help

Codepen was almost crashy for me today … hmm

If you are having problems with codepen, use another service or work locally.
Could also be the usual problem with the API.

I have been finding that multiple calls to navigator in codepen get increasingly laggy for some odd reason. You might consider hard coding in a lat and lon while you work on it and then use navigator once you get that working.

I have taken your advice Kevin and sort of toggled out the navigator call and it was instant all of my information loaded, so does that mean my code is too bulky? or do i need another way then using the navigator to get location?

Sorry, I don’t know why navigator is stalling in codepen, but it looks like you found that there are APIs you can use.

I feel it will continue to be trial and error… but I was excited to learn I wasn’t entirely wrong just ignorant of the many possibilities.
thank you so much for the pointers, i really appreciate it!