Weather App project - Comments && Instructions are very welcome!

Hi all,

I just finish my weather app project, and here is the codepen link:

I used setTimeout to prevent abusing the api. Could you tell me if it is a good practice to do so?

Also, the background image may have issue because I am not sure how the api will describe every single weather condition. If any one knows how to find out, please leave comment below. (Apparently, searching for every city all over the world is kind of dummy… )

At last, if any dummy codes are spotted out, please please tell me how to make it better

Thank you in advance!!!


How do you toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Have you viewed your project on a mobile device or even a tablet? It does not look like you probably expect.

Your code is not organized well. You should have all your variable declarations for each scope (global or function) at the top of each scope.

Also, you should be consistent in either using ES6 syntax (const and let) or var. It is odd to mix the two. If you are using any ES6, then you should only be using const and let for all variable declarations.

Hi randelldawson,

Thank you for taking your time to have look at my code and give your feedback.

According to your feedback, I have finished my modification, could you please take a look at it if you have some time?

The link is here:


If you are going to show the wind measurement, I suggest converting it to mph (miles per hour) when Fahrenheit is shown.

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I have modified it and it now can show mph and kmh