WEATHER APP: Reverse Geocoding

Can anybody give me some help with reverse geocoding? I’m really struggling to find a way of using Google Map’s API to convert a set of coordinates into a readable place name as all of the examples I can find seem to be a lot more complicated than what I’m trying to achieve.

My weather app now works 100% :smiley: The last piece of the puzzle is getting it to display a readable location instead of the coordinates of the user.

Hi mate,

doesn’t your API response contain the location?

A link to your code would help :slight_smile:



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the reverse geocoding API contains the location.I just did this today,so please check again dude

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Thanks for the help, found what I needed in the end by using this link, then adding the user’s coordinates with JS.

I’m using the Dark Sky API for my weather which doesn’t contain location information. Only time zone.

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