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Hello. I figured how to make a toggle button, to toggle between metric and imperial units so that temperature would be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit and wind speed in km/h or mph. but cant find a way how to make toggle button use api data. and so when you press toggle button it gives you no data.

her’s my pen

Hi, when I did this challenge I first create functions like this:

const Faren = c => Math.round(c * (9 / 5) - 459.67);

const Celc = k => Math.round(k - 273.15);

Then I assign like this :

weather.temp_1 = Celc(data.list[1].main.temp);

where weather.temp_1 is a assigned variable of the dom element

sorry, i dont understand it. could you write or paste some code as an example? that would really help

There is my weather app

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thanks for help. haven’t actually checked your weather app code, cause found i found solution myself.

made simple else if statment:

  //use second api data and load on screen  
    $.getJSON(api, function(data) {
      var tempSwap = true;
      var location =;
      var sky =[0].description;
      var temperature = data.main.temp;
      var wind = Math.round(data.wind.speed * 1.852);
      $(".temperature").html(temperature + " °C");
      $(".wind").html(wind + " km/h wind");
    //toggle button   
      $(".btn").on("click", function(){
           $(".temperature").html(temperature * 9 / 5 + 32 + " °F");
           $(".wind").html(Math.round(wind / 1.60934) + " mph wind");
           $(".btn").html("Change to Metric units");
           tempSwap = true;  
          $(".temperature").html(temperature + " °C");
          $(".wind").html(wind + " km/h wind");
          $(".btn").html("Change to Imperial units");

ok , thats greate :wink:

oh, thanks. will look into it