Web developer profession

Hi guys anyone have an idea… i am a fresh graduate and i really want to have a job a web developer but it is realy hard for me to find one every company that i applied fornthe desire position is not accepting because i dont have experience. But i have create some web application that help some students and individuals from thier thesis or SAD projects. :frowning:

Try rewriting your resume to highlight the projects that you have done. Include the technological and practical challenges that you dealt with and whatever measurable metrics of scale, impact, or success that you can.

Getting a job as a graduate/junior developer often comes down to timing. You are essentially applying to companies hoping that their team structure is in a position to be able to take on a junior developer and train them up. The same company may not be able to hire a junior now but could be in 6 months time.

Keep improving your CV/Portfolio whilst applying to more companies. Try to tailor each application to the company if possible and see if you can learn from any feedback you get a long the way.