Webpack and Sass - some help to begin


I never used Sass or a bundle manager of sort and I would like to start learning Sass using Webpack head on.
I spent quite some time watching tutorials on how to configure web-pack, which I understand will be needed for React also, but I’m getting a bit lost because all the tuts I found are a bit generic and don’t help with getting me on track for what I am specifically trying to do.
I would really need help on how to configure Webpack in order to work simultaneously with Sass and Browser-sync, which I have been using already for some time on its own.
Can you help me figure out how to start by explaining me the first steps of the process or at least point me to some resource on point with what I am trying to achieve here?


I haven’t used webpack yet … being doing this sort of stuff with gulp … but am subscribed to this channel as i like the way he teaches and he has a lot of videos on webpack that should help

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Thanks! I think I went over his webpack tutorial, I was looking for something more specific to my needs, but thank you for the suggestion…

If you don’t mind spending a little money, the “Git a Web Developer Job” course on Udemy is really good at explaining how to use various Node.js packages including gulp, webpack, and browser-sync, and should get you started. It doesn’t cover Sass specifically, but figuring out how to install it should be a piece of cake once you follow the course on installing PostCSS (another CSS pre-processor). Of course, don’t buy any course on Udemy until they do one of their frequent $10 sales.


Thanks. I bookmarked the course!

Git a Web Developer Job looks like it might be on sale right now for $10 if you haven’t bought it yet (offer good to new students and expires in 1 day).

I just got it! thanks for the reminder.!