Webpack-dev-server hot loading working on Cloud9 IDE

In case anyone’s interested I setup a repo that gets webpack-dev-server and react hot loading working on the Cloud9 IDE, it’s the IDE used in a lot of the FreeCodeCamp projects:

Just posting this because I know it would’ve helped me when I started trying to use it with Cloud9.

hey OP,

i offically love you for life. that is all.

in the interest of learning would you mind sharing what you needed to know or do to get this working? like i literally didnt even know the right questions to ask and all the results on google were useless except for this single answer.

if you were on reddit i would gild you right now.

maybe spoke too soon. doesnt work. still directs to localhost :frowning:

i am fully abandoning cloud9. screw this

Just wanted to say it’s almost 2 years later, I’m trying to get Webpack to work on Cloud9 but it won’t, there are no answers online, and am now also abandoning Cloud9 to go local because it’s preposterously difficult to get simple, widely used packages to function on it. Yayyyy!