Website freezes in Step 27 if variable is declared and initialized in 2 lines instead of 1

In Step 27 of Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures(Beta), if we declare variable ‘inventory’ and in next line initialize it with ‘“stick”’ string then the website freezes and ‘check your code’ button doesn’t work. If I declare and initialize the ‘inventory’ variable in the same line, ‘check your code’ button works and you can go to next step.

url: link to step 27

Same problem in Step 28 also.

The issue is that on line 7 you already declared a variable called inventory.

When you use the let keyword, you can not redeclare variables with the same name otherwise it will throw an error.

If you click on the console button in the upper right hand corner, then you will see the error message

There is currently an open issue about how to communicate to learners that there is a syntax error and they have to open the console to see the error

I think one simple solution to the problem could be not automatically closing the console window when going to next step after pressing check your code button.
The Preview window doesn’t automatically close while going to the next step but console window does.

I dont know if I should make a new post about this in improvement subforum or if this replying the suggestion is ok.

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