Website With Interactive 3D Graphics

Hi! I just finished the coding the structure of my website, a site meant to illustrate Civil Engineering concepts with interactive 3D visualizations. I will base the content of the site off of the apps I made on MATLAB a while back.

The code can be found on the GitHub repository.

I plan on adding real topics (like the name and shapes test topics) next. I also will add other tabs, like About and Feedback, to the home page. The layout is simple, which I actually think is good, but I also plan to work on the style.

I have had no previous experience in web development, so it is hard for me to tell if my approach is reasonable. I discuss the general structure of the code in the GitHub README file, and I tried to make the code easy to read. If someone notices something in the code from a first glance over which seems problematic or confusing, I would greatly appreciate it if you would bring it up. I would also love to hear general feedback.

Thank you!