Weird bug not recognizing my ids

I’m building the JavaScript Calculator with React and for some reason I’m failing the first few easy tests because its not recognizing my ids. I’m stuck, please help.

Thank you!

Test 3:

id=“subtract” is not yet defined

<button id="subtrack" value="-" class="btn"><h5>-</h5></button>

For the rest the id is not enough, it has to add the numbers to the DOM so the test can check them.

Whoops! Thank you! That passes one of the test. I still can’t get the ‘equals’ or the ‘decimal’ ids to register for some reason.

Are you saying test 1 and 4 are failing for you?

Because they pass for me and the other tests require the input to be added to the DOM and/or some math to be done that can be checked.


yeah 1 and 4 are failing on safari. i’m gonna try firefox. Thank you again!