Weirdness in weather app js

I made this weather app a few days ago and i can’t figure out why the background image in the oval doesn’t work all the time. it is set up to show a different bg image depending on the id of the weather. it has worked for rain and cloudy for me so far. but its not working today for clear. i have it set up to console log the id, so im getting that and as far as i know my logic looks right. is there something im missing. if someone has time to check it out id appreciate it. thanks

link -


 "background-image": "url (",

No single-quote for the actual jpg url link?

nope, i had just taken that off while i was troubleshooting. i checked the link it still works. i know im getting the id data. other backgrounds do show up. i wonder if it has something to do with codepen…for example the getJSON doesnt work with https codepen only http codepen. idk. its bogus it worked for a couple days then stopped without me changing anything

Try using a different image, from a plain http source.

good idea but no dice. the image i wanted to use was available http a i tried a totally new image as well. did u get an image when u checked it out?

DO NOT LEAVE any space between url and parenthesis! :slight_smile:

 "background-image": "url('')"

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