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hey I’m looking for some feedback on my personal portfolio page. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated

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I think you missed the Navbar.

you can use this link for more information:


Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I have just two things noticed, mainly concerning the UI-Design:

1.) Typography

There is a general rule of thumb, that when designing for electronic screens to use sans-serif fonts, rather than serif-fonts. Sans-Serif are the more straight, modern looking typefaces without “serifs” (the little ‘spikes’ at the corners of the letter)

The reasoning behind this is that Screen-type is usually not as sharp & fine as printed
type. Its also a bit of a convention by now. Of course - its not an iron rule, BUT i think in
the case of your page, sans-serif type might look better…

2.) Black Background behind white Type

You should definitely change that black background behind your (white) type. If you find that your text is hard to read after changing the BG back, try out different colors: For the text, for the background (but don’t do only a line-high textbox-background! Either do one for the whole Textblock, or change up the Background-Picture. eg Color, slight Blur, desaturate, colorize with single color or duotone/tritone/b&w.

Thats just what came to my mind immediately. You don’t have to be a full-fledged designer as a front-end web developer, but still the UX-Design definitely is an important part of the job, especially where there is no separate visual-designer … Change a few things an your portfolio will look so much better & more professional. As it is now, it reminds me a lot of those webpages of the early days - in the 90s :slight_smile: