What are Progressive Web App, Responsive Web Design, and Bootstrap?

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I have a question about the PWA, RWD and Bootstrap. What are they? How are they similar or different from each other? I would really appreciate an example for each of them if its possible.

Thank you.

“Progressive Web App” is pretty much a Google marketing term. It mostly pertains to web apps that work offline and feel like a “real” app.

Responsive Web Design is about making sure a web app looks right no matter what the screen dimensions are, from a widescreen monitor down to a phone. If you follow FCC’s curriculum, you’ll learn the basics of responsive design.

Bootstrap is a very popular framework that helps you write responsive layouts by using CSS classes.

And … I’m not trying to be rude, but have you actually tried googling those terms?

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Hi @chuckadams. Thank your for answering this question.
Yes, I actually googled this question before posting it here in the forum. And most results from Google would show the same answer. Maybe what my real question is, what is the relation of each other and how does it directly and indirectly affect each other.

  • If RWD is a design approach, and Bootstrap makes it easier to create RWD. How does these two affect PWA?
  • If PWA is a ‘web app’, how does it affect desktop websites? Most PWA I find are for mobile, what does a PWA for desktop look like and feel.