What can I work with an "Responsive Web Design Certificate"?

Hi guys,

I am brand new in these field. Acutally I am coming from the administrative side, but tired of my job.

Next year I will do an internship as an “European Business Communicator” - Russian (1. Language) and English (2. Language). The internship takes two years. At the beginning of these month I have been starting work with HTML5. My goal is learn as much as I can and to get as many certificates as possible.

After internship I wanna go abroad - Bulgaria is a nice destination - and wanna work there on the IT side. I did a research on my own which jobs could be interesting for me. “Content writer”, “Online Marketing Manger” and even “Web developer” or “Web designer” seems interesting.

Do you think, the “Responsive Web Design Certificate” help me to get a well-paid job there (preferable in Bulgaria)?

Besides these website I will use some other source to learn some SEO stuff, Photoshop and Google AdWords…

How does that sound? What is your opinion?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Hi @Bulgaria. I’m from Brazil and I don’t know your possible destinations even the jobs so I will give some advice about your way of thinking, ok?

I would like to ask you to ignore my speaking (typing) form cause I’m not a good english speaker.

So, I really like your intend for get this objectives and I would like to encourage you to do your best to achieve this. But your “skills wallet” is to large, in my opinion. You will probably loss focus and maybe learn nothing well at the end.

I think the best way is to choose what do you like more or even what you think is the best gains carrer but choose one or two. Almost all are large knoledge areas and have strong market. But, the good knews is that there are similar skills between them. For exemple, if you want to be an Online Marketing Manager, knowing how to write web content, how to build an online page with HTML and CSS and SEO mastering, of course are skills that walk together in this area e complement one another.

I think it’s preety much it and a hope this advice will be useful for your chaleges scoope. Sorry for bad English writing, again. I hope that will be clear, anyway.

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  1. Hi @xavier

  2. You´re written English is quite good and probably better than mine.

  3. I think you´re right and I will follow you to become a Online Marketing Manger. I have and (will prove them the next two years) strong skills in three important languages and so this position would be ideal for me.

  4. So, I was thinking for while what to do, because I still have not any experience in these field. After browsing many websites and forums the best step to achieve these goal are:

    • finish the “Responsive Web Design Certificate” and build an own porfolio. So, the recruiter can see that I know HTML & CSS well
    • learn some useful other IT skills such as Photoshop, Google Ad, SEO and maybe some cutting skills as well?
    • open an own small blog (I like to tell and share stories about alternative travelling) with wordpress and gain some hands on experience with the useful IT tools which I have to know
    • do at least one (short term) internship besides my regular schedule
  5. How does that sound? Does everyone has some other suggestions?

  6. Besides Online Marketing Manager, I am also interested in “Social Media” and “Content Management”.

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I think that os more than enough for you to start. Maybe focus on which is more important first so improve your skills on SEO, ADs managers like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google (very important), Instagram and so on will give you more fast results. Some design will be useful too.

I wish you success and hope you achieve your goals soon.

I started out as a marketing major, then took an internship trying to figure out SEO for a small company, then got hooked on web design. 5 years later I’ve been a front end engineer, ux designer.

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Hi @uxengineer,

you´re story sounds nice. Congratulation!

Well, what do you think about my plan for the next 2,5 years? Do you mind I could find a job in the field?

I have forgot to tell, that I will leave my country and go abroad. My favourite destinations are so far:

  • Bulgaria
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic

I noticed that in all of these countries many international companies did (and still do) outsourcing. So, they seeking for native speaker or people with a good command of my language.

And that is a big advantage: I know that there are more English speaking jobs and acutally I would like to work there, but for an entry job is it probably better start in my native language.

I wish I knew what the hiring market was like in Europe, but i’m in a smaller town in Omaha and SEO is something that everyone needs, especially small businesses. Once you learn the underlying concepts of SEO, you’ll quickly start to undestand HTML. For SEO and HTML, I recommened getting a free website using squarespace, because its free without a credit card to have a playground website, and then inject HTML and SEO to see the cause and effect and you’ll start to learn quicker.