What do -moz- and -webkit- means?

I have seen these things many times since I started web development, and yeah, i understand that -moz- is for mozilla and -webkit- maybe for safari, not quite sure…

Im using Chrome, does that mean my CSS codes wont work in safari(or whatever that -webkit- is related) nor in mozilla FFOx?

-webkit is for all webkit-based browsers, so Chrome, Safari, IOS browsers etc. Weirdly I think Firefox for IOS is WebKit as well. Prefixes are [were] a pretty awful (if necessary) way of introducing CSS features to browsers, and aren’t really as necessary now, most things work in all newer browsers, which all auto-update. Also they should be added automatically, rather than manually, so whether they need to be used or not should be down to a tool (which would be something using the Autoprefixer tool)

So I guess, adding these things, or not wont significantly affect my design? One thing sir, I set a specific background color to my website to look like flat… but when i took a look at it on my phone the color was, OBVIOUSLY different, its more contrasted and light… do browsers interpret hex code differently or the wide variety of screens is the issue

I know, i can change the color in media query, but its not necessary, nor time efficient(cause i have to test it on my phone over and over again till i get the same color… and lastly i guess, screen sizes are not the issue

That just sounds like different hardware and colour calibration/model etc., there’s nothing you can do about it (except calibrate the devices so that the colour rendering was closer). Thats definitely not something CSS can or should have any possible control over.

Also, the moz, WebKit prefixes, they’re not to make nornal things work in those browsers, it’s for things that are/were experimental features.

OH! The colors are yeah! Pretty hard to tame as wha IVe read in the other posts!