What does Front-end HTML & Back-end PHP Mean?

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I am pretty much new to coding. However, I have a basic knowledge of HTML.

Can anyone explain what do backend and frontend means and if the frontend is HTML and backend is PHP then the website is developed using HTML language?

I am confused!

Yes. the front end is HTML.

Basically everything that you see if you right click “view source” or “inspect” on a browser is front end: HTML/CSS/JS. Anything a user can see/click on a website.

The back end is like the routing and hidden information. So back end code will say what Front end to load if you go to freecodecamp.org/ vs freecodecamp.org/forum vs freecodecamp.org/learn and also hold calls to databases and API keys. Users should never have access to this information.


Thanks for the response @pjonp. Suppose if I want to create a page on the website(Backend PHP & Frontend HTML), do I need to write the code in HTML or in PHP?

You only need the HTML/CSS/JS to deploy a website for the Front End.

Upload a HTML to GitHub and and you can make your own website.

GitHub would be your Back End (PHP for your example)

For your question, you’d only write HTML/CSS/JS

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Thank you for clarifying my doubts :slightly_smiling_face:.