What does this error code mean?

I keep getting this error code while trying to call an API. I have changed to different API,s, and different coding but it always keeps coming up. I’m new to coding and have been working on this problem for a week now.Below are the code and the page I’m working on is= https://codepen.io/abellinii/pen/GEyKzP/?editors=0001

“jQuery.Deferred exception: $.getJson is not a function. (In '$.getJson('https://freegeoip.net/json/’)’, ‘$.getJson’ is undefined)” “https://s.codepen.io/boomerang/iFrameKey-7f727e45-9ba1-7e31-7197-ede64b29861a/index.html?editors=0001:121:12
https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js:2:30263” undefined

i clicked on your codepen link. codepen doesn’t allow requests to go out using http. it needs to be https now. i got a Mixed Content Warning (for your background) and a Mixed Content Error (for your getJSON ip api) you can use https://ipinfo.io/json to get geolocation data with https. The response is formatted a little different so you might have to change up a couple things but i ended up switching from ip api to ipinfo when codepen changed their policy not long ago. As a side-note the background is ok. I did the same thing on my weather app. I ended up going PRO on codepen so now i just upload everything to Assets. If you use codepen a lot i would recommend the PRO its like 12 bucks a month and they give you some decent stuff with it. Hope that helps. Hit me up if you need clarification on anything.

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Should be $.getJSON, not $.getJson.