What does u mean in this?

git push -u origin main 

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let’s break what this command means.

at this point in the process you will have already initialized a git repo, staged your changes, committed your changes and setup the remote repo on where to push to

git push is the command used to push your local changes to the remote repo

-u flag sets up the relationship between the local branch and remote branch. So in this case the branch name is main which represents your production branch.
sometimes people will use the --set-upstream flag but it does the same thing

origin is the default name for your remote repo

main is the name of the branch you are pushing changes to

all in all git push -u origin main basically says to push your local changes to a remote repo to a branch called main

hope that helps

Thanks, I got it. But how is the origin the name of the remote repo??
To my knowledge, I know that origin means the head of the repository, right?
The default name of a remote repo?? How? I mean, it will be the name that I set up. One more thing that I would like to ask is how I can add more remote branches to the remote repository from the command line. Is it possible or not?
Right now, I have only one branch which is main.

Ahh Okay, we first used this git add remote origin - “url”
it means we are talking about the origin, setting it to the remote url
Got it, but that will upload the files from the local main branch to the main of the remote repo. What if I want to upload to different branch of the remote repo?

if you want to make changes and upload files to a different branch then you will need to create the new branch, switch to it, makes some changes, and then push to that new branch

this is the new command to create a new branch and switch to it

git checkout -b new-branch-name

then you make your changes, stage those changes, commit those changes, and then push with this command so it adds that local branch to your remote

git push -u origin new-branch-name

Okay thanks I will try that out. Thank you so much.:pray::blush:

Can you send me the link for all the useful git commands.
Like I want to see all remote branches name in the command line.

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Thanks a lot! I will take look at this.