What else for Data visualisation?

Hello I would like to know Data visualisation is used for display data in graphical form but I’m wondering about two things:
First how Data visualisation is used in company and the second is What else can we do with Data visualisation except displaying data or in which other area can we use it.

Corporate data visualizations serve the same purpose as all other visualizations: to communicate meaning. The major difference between the visualizations you’d find in a board room and the ones you see in the Wall Street Journal, is that the visualizations from the board room have to communicate their entire meaning in an instant. Business-y types tend to want to move on fast, whereas your casual observer may have more time and interest and be willing to explore and learn more. The specific purposes of each graph, it’s meaning, is going to differ from graph to graph. Maybe you need to hire a new employee to take on an increased work load and telling your boss “Our current team has only been able to accommodate x% of the increase” isn’t convincing enough, put the information into a graph he can look at and instantly know there is a problem.

Fundamentally, data visualization cannot serve any other purpose besides displaying data. I’m not sure what you mean by “other areas”, data is everywhere an all data can be visualized in some way. I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding your second question correctly.

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About other areas, I know people who work in data science for medical field (in this company - https://medeanalytics.com/ ) and it is heavily used there.

Data companies are huge right now, because we are in information age.

If you have lot of calculations\science\big data processing, chances are, you will need to actually show result of calculations or data processing. And no one gonna look on flat numbers in spreadsheet and go “oh, so that is how it is”. You need to visualize results for people to understand it at a glance instead of spending hour figuring it out. This is where data visualization comes in.

As for smaller, easier to understand examples, image that you own small coffee shop for example, and you have system that monitors how much of what and when people bought. Then you have it showing in real time predictions on how much you will sell next day, so you can stock accordingly. Like you see it predicted big spike next day and take a closer look, then you see that last year in that time was some kind of holiday so there was spike of demand.
Then you have that data overlayed with your current stock so you can make decision if you need to get more or no.
This is simple example, but data visualization is literally everywhere right now. It will be in the cars, in homes for electricity consumption, weather forecasts, traffic monitoring, real time sport game statistics, e-sports, even to present you information about food.
It will probably grow more and more as current info generation grows up.

Thanks to y’all for your explanation.