What freelance or job websites are aloowed to find a remote job for an IT person from Russia?

Hello, I have had a top rated status on Upwork, but the website has removed me from their database because of the sanctions, that we have today. All the freelance websites are about to block my country too, so I can’t register there, I can’t confirm my payment card or a phone number. I have no any idea about where can I find a remote contract today, but I have had a remote activity even with a relocation to different countries earlier, I’ve been working as a web developer at famous companies too, so I am confused at this moment.

Can you give any advice to me about where can I try to find a job or upload my CV please? I know about LinkedIn, Monster, but what else can I do today? I have my own website, but I can’t create a google adwords company too - the opportunity is blocked to me because of the sanctions as well.

So do you have any advice to me? I will be glad to hear about it from you. Thanks.