What html reset should be used?

I’ve only tried normalize so far, but i hear people all time recommending “html doctor” over normalize and this over that…so if anyone can explain the the difference between all the reset tools out there and when to use each one and any other advice please

Majority of devs I believe use either Normalize.css or their own css resets.
I use Normalize cos’ it’s more common and widely used and is being maintained more actively. It’s been good so far.

html doctor’s reset removes the margin of every element, while with normalize you’ll have to do it yourself. I also wouldn’t use my own resets because it’s reinventing the wheel, (unless I’m working on a set of projects which the reset I need is really the same for all of them).

Haven’t heard of html doctor, been using reset.css and normalize. Both requires you to zero out the margins and padding on every element (*), but i don’t do that unless needed.