What in the heck is all this?

am I in the right spot. I am totally oblivious to any of this coding stuff, but I am interested in expanding my knowledge. is there help? I looked over the “Cat photo project” and I cannot start because I know absolutely nothing!

Yep, if you want to learn how to create web pages/apps then you’ve come to the right spot. Start on step 1 of the Cat Photo App and proceed at whatever speed is best for you.

ok ok, I can listen & understand you very well; as I was in same condition in 2002.

I had studied Mech engineering in 2001 and was forced to join IT field in 2002. Let’s image a 21 year old, who doesn’t know nothing about computer or programming is forced into IT. I hope you’re not in a worst situation like I was.

I suggest watch some basic HTML, CSS videos on YouTube from most popular content creators like Traversy Media, Codevolution etc

Also I strongly recommend to learn with others and not alone in your particular case.

All the very best.

Welcome to the community.
As previously stated, you are definitely in the right place.
I never knew an thing about coding when I began here with the Cat Photo App.
However, the way the steps for each project are set up, I have been able to move through them fairly good.
Another positive is the support offered here in the community, and by support if necessary.
One thing that is important is to always try your best to solve it, at least 3 times. If you cannot and wish assistance, use the Ask for Help, to submit both the code and question.
I hope, like me, you enjoy the learning and the community offered here at freecodecamp.org.
Happy coding!

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