What is difference between arr=[...arguments] and [arr0,arr1]=arguments

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i don’t know where is my issue?

and this’s the solution to this challenge.
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function addTogether() {
  const arr=[...arguments];
      return undefined;
    return (arr[1])=>addTogether(arr[0],arr[1]);
    return undefined;
  return arr[0]+arr[1];


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What is difference between…


That is making a shallow copy of arguments and storing it in arr.


That is destructuring the array arguments. It will make a copy of the first element (the reference if it is a reference type) in that array and store it in arr0 and store the second in arr1.

What does this mean?

return (arr[1])=>addTogether(arr[0],arr[1]);

function addTogether() {
const [first, second] = arguments;
if (typeof(first) !== “number”)
return undefined;
if (second === undefined)
return (second) => addTogether(first, second);
if (typeof(second) !== “number”)
return undefined;
return first + second;
and this is the solution to the problem.
I imitated that.

i see.that’s very helpful,thank you.

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