What is My heat map

What is " My heat map" in the portfolio section and where do I find it?

A heatmap is a data visualization that shows things like for instance, where you are most active throughout the month.

There isn’t one- to my knowledge, for the /forum section

But for the /learn section, you can see your heatmap for the work you have put into the curriculum! You can find it by going to /learn > My Portfolio.

Hope this helps!

I couldn’t find my heat map either. I just figured out that you have to make the heat map public to see it. It will be under the weird pixel image.

Oh boy I totally misread your post, I am a bit dyslexic. Yea you probably just have to make it public like they said above ^. I made all of my stuff public and I can see my own.

Thanks you guys, I made it public and after reloading the page a few times I was able to see it.