What is static keyword?

why we use static method in class and How static method is different from normal methods?

Hey there @priyanshushrama709,

Have you tried looking into this MDN article?

No brother I am not tried to check MDN article But some times mdn or w3school documentation is not make sense for me.

Documentation sources like MDN, which are written for developers, often aren’t easy to understand when you first start out. The way that they describe things is pretty standard for good documentation, but those standards take time to learn. Learning to find and understand documentation is another necessary skill that you are building as you learn to program. When you are starting out, you often may not get a complete understanding from standard documentation, but it’s a good place to start. Reading the documentation can help you narrow down your search terms to help you find an article, tutorial, or explanation that makes sense to you. And, of course, when you have narrowed it down a bit to parts of the explanation that you don’t fully understand, you can ask specific questions here and we can try to answer them.


Start by checking the documentation first, then ask for clarification if needed.

I think the MDN documentation is pretty clear about what the static keyword is used for and how a static method is used/not used.