What is your preferred template engine?

I just want opinions are your preferred template engine whether it it React or some other like Vue.js. I am currently learning node.js and want a simple, easy, effective template engine that can make displaying data or information from a database onto a webpage easy and efficiently.

React and Vie are not template engines.

If coding in node with ExpressJS I’d recommend looking at Pug templating engine. Used to be called Jade.

Also handlebars is a good option.

C# and ASP.NET Razor for me.

Complete list here

For Node, probably EJS, pug/jade, and handlebars are some of the most popular. There are plenty of tutorials on the web and youtube.

I’ve been developing a template engine called Squirrelly. It has syntax similar to Handlebars or Mustache, but is faster and supports filters. Feel free to try it out on the demo page, contribute, or give feedback!