What or why is 1.1/2lbs 0.55 pounds?

I had opinion it is 1+1/2 so 1+0.5 so 1.5 pounds

this is basic maths… 1.1 / 2 … with basic division you get 0.55.

we dont have these basic math special imperial unit again why?

what do you mean???

look again 1+1/2 so 1+0.5 so 1.5 pounds is not 0.55

why are you adding 1 + 1/2 ???

its (1.1) / 2 …

because the imperial unit is often so showed for example inches 1 1/4 i was thinking that i one of imperial exceptions and the tasks is I can use fractions, decimals or both in my parameter(ie. 5, 1/2, 2.5/6),
and why anybody want put the unit as 1.1/2 if he could simply put 0.55?

The decimal point indicates it is (1.1) divided by 2. If it were 1 1/2 (no decimal point), then yes I would see it as “one and one half”. I can’t say why someone would choose to represent 0.55 as 1.1/2 without knowing the context.

@lubodrinka does this make more sense?

1,1 / 2 

Decimal separator in US/UK, and standardised form (and all programming languages I’m aware of) is . not ,

translate fractions, decimals or both in my parameter that mean the autor say
5.00=decimals, 1/2=fractions, and only way how to use both (2.00)=decimal.(5/6) =fractions