What regex do I use to get any string after a character (something/u=another) - I just need to selct 'another'

I’ve been trying to figure this one out for a while

(something/u=another) - I just need to select ‘another’

You can do this using a positive lookbehind.

Note - In JavaScript, this was introduced in ES2018, and it doesn’t work on Firefox yet. If using Python, you’ll need to lookup the corresponding documentation.

Based on the described usage in MDN -

For example, /(?<=Jack)Sprat/ matches “Sprat” only if it is preceded by “Jack”.
/(?<=Jack|Tom)Sprat/ matches “Sprat” only if it is preceded by “Jack” or “Tom”.
However, neither “Jack” nor “Tom” is part of the match results.

You could use \w+ to match one or more alphanumeric characters that is preceded by a special character, like =, using /(?<==)\w+/g -


Or, more generally, any string preceded by any non-alphanumeric character -