What the heck is a User story anyway?

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Basically, I just dont get what they are asking for ? They need to write instructions for the project that clearly define what it is that they want you to do…

I cant tell what the heck these stories are… howthey fit into the page…
If they are really asking for " id=“title” or do they want you to create a title ?
What the heck is a User story anyway ?

OK someone enlighten me please ! ?

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If they are really asking for " id=“title” or do they want you to create a title ?
Yes. This should be inside the h1 tag

The user story describes the type of user, what they want and why.
More info here: User Story

In my own words, it means what is required in the output/code.

In my opinion, the phrase “user story” is misleading. Coming from a background as a writer I keep expecting it to be a narrative of some sort. It’s not. It’s the newest fad way of expressing software requirements. Nobody, user or otherwise, ever says “I’m seeing a header with an id=‘title.’” That’s bizarre. So just think of them as instructions. In the context of FCC that’s all they are – explicit instructions for passing the project tests.

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Once I read through the User Story part and dug into it… it made more sense for me… Thank you for the direction and link for clarification !

Kallistrate, yes ! I agree… the process description was not helpful at all ! It was very confusing trying to figure out if they wanted some type of narrative , and how that was going to fit into a “Survey form” was just not intuitive at all.

Thanks for the input !