What to do here i'm stuck?

 <p class="right bold no-divider">% Daily Value *</p>
        <div class="divider"></div>
        <p><span class="bold">Total Fat</span> 8g<span class="bold right">10%</span></p>
        <p class="indent no-divider">Saturated Fat 1g <span class="bold right">5%</span></p>
        <div class="divider">
          <p><i>Trans</i> Fat 0g</p>

Error:-You should create a new p element at the end of your .daily-value.sm-text element.

p should be below element

i already did that thing but it still shows error.

did you do like this <div></div>

yes i already did this

Hi @angry8797,

Do you have a link to the challenge? It makes it much easier to see the requirements+instructions and also gives a quick test area.
(A good tip is to make it the standard to add the link to the challenge to all future posts)

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