What to do when you don't know how to design a website?

Well, I’m using a website to inspire myself to build my own website. The design it’s getting very close/similar to the original, but everything is built by me. Is this illegal or something bad in this?

Good idea. Also you can just use a free template. That’s what I did :slight_smile:

yes, but i want to build my own website

Err, you can use a template on your own website. It’s not illegal.

I “steal” stuff from dribbble all the time. I wouldn’t build a site for a client that looked exactly like competitors - that could obviously be seen as an infringement, but for personal projects and fun I copy layouts, colors, etc. from other websites all the time. Once I started trying to copy other’s design that I really liked, my own design skills improved exponentially. No one in design really has their “own ideas”. Everyone learns and copies from each other, so the best way to get better is to start by copying others that you like! This is very obvious when you look at fine arts such as music. Guitarists, pianists–they all copy riffs and techniques from those before them.

To be a “good stealer” of other’s ideas, you should follow several rules:

  1. Don’t publish work that’s blatantly copied from others.
  2. If you do copy someone’s design and want to show it, at least put a note that you based it off someone else.
  3. Draw inspiration from multiple sources
  4. Develop your own unique style and combination of techniques

Here is an article you should read: