What's the right way to code javascript while coding projects like FCC projects?

when i started coding projects in FCC it wasn’t a problem for me after learning html,CSS to give the projects my own style because CSS and html you can say they are the colors that you use so you can pick the color that you think it’s better,so the question is what about javascript? what’s the right way to use it in our projects ?
my current way is that i look for that project on the internet and see whose teaching that project and i understand every thing in that code then i write it (javascript code) in my project in most cases i changed a few things in the code to fit the design i want
so now i have two questions
first: does that way that iam using violate the FCC rules?
second: what’s the right way to code javascript for projects?

Hi there! Good Question and something I wonder about myself.

Personally, I think FCC challenges are there to help you learn. Whatever way you choose to do them that maximize your learning is totally fine in my book.

Having said that, I would not rely on copy-pasting someone else’s code and tweaking it as needed in the beginning. It is much move empowering to figure that stuff out the hard way. Break down the problem and solve numerous small problems. For example, if you have a Local Weather App challenge. It is dounting to just start coding the whole thing, you do not know where to start. But then if you break it down to - 1) Where is the user located (Geolocation API) 2) What is the weather in that location (some Weather API) 3) Let’s call that Weather API and see what is the weather in that particular location (AJAX) 4) Display the weather on the page (vanilla JS can do + some CSS). It get’s much easier.

The aim is not to speed through the FCC Project, the aim is to learn as much as you can. Take it slow and really learn.


thank u very much thats a very good answer for me

Yes, but more importantly you’re depriving yourself of a learning experience.

Your way is the right way. Learning is a path, not a destination, so you’re not doing yourself any favors by relying on the example projects.

Always remember: If this is easy, you’re doing it wrong.

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thank u for ur answer in fact i was struggling in trying to understand people’s code before i start writing it my self and i want to know how to do it my self with out looking to someones code so ill start working on that