When to apply for a job?

When are you applying for a Job? After the first course? the second course? … or after the last course? And what are some of the challenges you’re dealing with as you apply?

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Hi @FrankyV616 !

I would say that the first three certifications give you a baseline foundation but then you still need to build out your own projects.

IMO, you want to build out projects that help you stand out because the competition for junior developers is high.

After you have learned the fundamentals, start building your own projects and deploying them somewhere.
Once you have some good projects to show off your skill, then you can start applying and see what happens.

You will also want to start practicing algorithm challenges because a lot of companies will ask you to do whiteboard challenges.
Some might ask you to do a take home project instead but it doesn’t hurt to start preparing now :grinning:

Most people will practice algorithm challenges with leetcode and hackerank.
You can just do a little bit each day.

Hope that helps!


imho, there isn’t much point until you are through the JS libraries. At that point I think it is conceivable that someone could get hired, just very unlikely. Really, I think you need to work through the backend sections, build some fullstack apps from scratch, work on some open source, group projects, etc.

There isn’t a threshold of learning where you are suddenly employable. There is a sliding scale of knowledge, skills, and experience and where you are on that scales determine the probability. That combined with where you live, what the market is like, how your skills match up with the market, the connections you have, how well you interview, etc. And luck.

The only thing that we can say is that all things being equal, the more you learn and do, the more the odds of getting a job increase.

Just keep learning and building things.


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