Where can I host and sell my website template without paying?

Hello Campers
please I want to know
1- should I host my website template? and if yes how can I host my website template for lifetime free?
2- how can I sell it without paying anything I mean with 100% free author account? so does themeforest allow me to sell it without paying? or there are 100% free alternatives?

and many thanks in advance

You could host it on your own github page and then create your own store system for selling it. That way you’ll have total control over the sales

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@Gwesolo thanks so much for reply. could you please show me example for selling something on github as I am beginner and do not know alot about it?

You should contact themeforest directly for an answer to this question.

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Hate to break it to you, you’re living in a dream world.
Even if you’re going to do all this by yourself, and accepting Paypal payments, PP would still get a cut. If you’re selling via a 3rd-party, they’ll get their cut.
If you’ll be selling this on eBay, eBay will still get their cut (listing/closing/fvf fees) and another cut also from Paypal.

You have to pay if you wanna play.


Agreed with what @owel stated. In the business world, it takes money to make money. :slight_smile:

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thanks for reply. I can understand