Where do all of these functions come from?

So for example the .split(), the .join(), the .replace(), .concat(), .push(), …and so on…

I’m wondering how these functions were created by the creators of JS.
how functions, variables, and other things are defined also greatly puzzle me.

Can anyone tell me why or how these stuff were made from scratch?

As I understand it. The specification for them comes from the ECMAScript standard (Language Specification). The actual implementation details is engine/vendor-specific. Which is how something like .sort() can have different behavior depending on the browser.

Here is the V8 blog.

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Who created ECMAscript then?
Just kidding. I won’t bug you to death.

No go ahead.

When JavaScript was wanting to be standardised, Netscape and Microsoft couldn’t agree with each other about things, so an external unbiased source of standardisation was sought.
It fell into the hands of ECMA, thus giving us the name of ECMAScript.

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Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure

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