Where is my Pig Latin failing?

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So, i’m unsure of what the algorithm is asking for, I can’t think of an example that doesn’t give back correct pig latin.

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
  var firstLetter = str.charAt(0); 

  function isVowel(x){

    var result;

    result = x == "a" || x == "e" || x == "i" || x == "o" || x == "u";
    return result;

    return str.concat("way"); 

    if(!isVowel(firstLetter) && isVowel(str.charAt(1))){
      return str.substring(1, str.length).concat(firstLetter).concat("ay");
      return str.substring(2, str.length).concat(str.substring(0, 2)).concat("ay");



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Your solution assumes that a vowel will always be the first, second, or third letting in the string.

If you do

translatePigLatin("strength");   // will be "rengthstay", should be "engthstray"

Your code can’t handle words that have a bigger cluster of consonants at the beginning. Or words without vowel.

translatePigLatin("bcdfghjk"); // will be "dfghjkbcay", should be "bcdfghjkay"