Where is the .env file?

When toying around with back-end on glitch, I can make changes to the .env file which I can later access with process.env.
(I’m using Node and Express js).
However, when cloning the github repo from free code camp, I can’t find the .env file on my own computer!

I know that there is proably an incredibly easy way to find it, but I have been searching for an answer for almost 15 minutes now and i’m sure that someone here knows how to find it off the top of their head.

Does anyone know?

The .env file is not supposed to be committed on a repo, as it contains secret info like API keys.

Setting up the .env file for freeCodeCamp:

On the freeCodeCamp repo there is a sample.env file. Copy this to .env, then fill out the API keys that you’ll use. The MONGOHQ_URL variable is the most important one.

I can’t help further since I don’t have a copy of the repo in my computer, so I don’t know where to go from there.

Ahhh thanks. This is the “secret place” that all the encryption keys can go.

If anyone else reads this, and they want to know how to avoid pushign it to the git repo here’s a link.