Where should I put this </main>?

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  <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
  <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
  <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p> 

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Challenge: Step 5

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<main> opening tag after the h1 element

your h1 element:


this is h1 element’s opening tag:


this is h1 element’s closing tag:


this is content inside h1 element:


I really appreciate your reply, but I did’nt get it.

You marked my post as a solution, but you are saying that you didn’t get it.
I need to clarify:
you still need help with this step?

Sorry, I’m newbie here
Yes, please

No need for apologies, it’s all good.

This is what we call h1 element:


You need to put your opening main tag:


AFTER h1 element, NOT INSIDE h1 element

When I am saying ‘inside h1 element’ I mean “all stuff that’s between
<h1> and </h1>

My problem is the closing main tag, it said I put them in wrong order

Your main element’s closing tag should be below p. You have them in wrong order

In your code there is no issue with closing main tag.

Tests failed because of opening main tag.
Error messages sometimes can be not that clear.

Thank you, I get it now.
It’s very simple but, I did’nt get it. OMG

If you are new to this it’s never that easy.

my humble suggestion;

Every(most) html structure can be put three parts;

  1. the header(which usually contains the heading of the web page)
    2.the main (which usually contains the actual information you are trying to provide on the web page )
  2. the footer(which usually contains the conclusion or closing remarks of the web page)

Thus in your case;
after your “h1” and “h2” elements, move to the next line and open the “main” element. Then you expand the main element you have open and nest the “p” element inside of it. That makes it easier to get your structure right.


I hope this helps…

That’s a good one, but be aware:

this curriculum consists of many small steps
it gives knowledge in little portions
it’s easier for people with no coding background that way
things that you described covered in later parts of curriculum

i totally agree, that’s very true… well noted

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