Where To Use SQL - for a daily life task

Hey, how are you all?

Basically I want to use SQL for a daily life task. I found it to be super fun by learning some of its commands and I’d like to them in order to organize tables of my daily life tasks - especially because those commands make it really useful. Idk much about Excel and Sheets from Google. So, do you know any place where I can create and save tables to use them with SQL commands as easy as it is to setup a excel spreadsheet? Is there such a thing? I googled it but it seems the websites are paid and also for professional companies…link AWS. Hope you all understood me. I’m new to this, but I’m really excited!

Hi @caiohenriquesa1, if you don’t need your database to be deployed anywhere, you can have it run locally on your machine, and run commands from your terminal / a graphical interface.

Pick one SQL database (mySql, PostgreSQL, sqllite…), download it and run it locally.

Additionally if you know or want to experiment a bit with Docker, you can have your DB running in a Docker image locally, but it adds up the extra effort of Docker.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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