Where would one learn how to program animations as seen on codepen?

Have a peek at the following codepen. It features a slick animation that is made with html, css, and js, the skills that we all learn here on FCC.

This program uses some external JS libraries. Many others use non-vanilla CSS. I often see terms used like “pure CSS” or “one element” or “no-element”. Is there a name for this kind of animation? Are there many different kinds? Do the non-vanilla CSS kinds have a different name than the ones made with JS libraries, for example?

Where can we learn more about building these animations?


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there is way to make animations with clicking, dragging…etc, some software provides to make animation and then to export it it compatible source for web presentation

other way is to see what this author included in js , names of libs, and then to find on google function that are in property of that lib, and what is their meaning
also this can be applied also for HTML and CSS

third way is to read it and to figure by yourself, cause , i have opinion that libs on external side ( api function, available to client that use that lib *( client needs to know just what is meaning for that function ( he can by reading meainingful name of function etc…), but not also and how it works in internal ) ) are easy to use

Thank you I will check this out!