Which area has a better market for freelancers, front-end web development or Data science?

Data science is something i really like doing. I already spent days non stop learning and creating personal projects about it. It’s something really fun for me. But since my main focus is to find job quickly, i was advised to learn web development, PHP and then WordPress, as apparently it would only take a couple of months to work with WordPress. So my plan, so far, it’s to learn enough of web development and PHP to start working with WordPress efficiently enough to be able to deliver results on freelancer jobs. And then, study Data Science for the long run, what i would already do, even if just for fun. I just love the whole idea of getting, organizing, cleaning, visualizing and analyzing even the most boring data.

What are your thoughts on that ? Feel free to criticize me, I’m looking for advice

It is hard to become a freelance, self taught data scientist. Many data scientists have at least a bachelor’s and often a master’s.

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Yeah, that’s why i gave up on it in the past. I thought maybe on freelancing the criteria would be less exigent, but you’re saying it’s kind equally demanding ?

I would expect an even smaller market for freelance data science.

You can combine both worlds with data visualization.

It’s a booming market worth looking into.

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